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Closing DEFAINE with a public day and a ITEA review

On the 20th and 21st of February 2024, the project came to an end with two main events: a public demonstration day and a final project review with ITEA.

The public event was held at Yes!Delft. A diverse audience, comprising project partner colleagues, customers, and other interested individuals with an aerospace background, gathered for the occasion. Twenty-four people attended the event in person, and thirthy-six online making a total audience of sixty people.

A brief overview of the project was followed by four use-case demonstrators, showing how the different methods, tools, and technologies developed during the project helped to achieve the ambitious goals and speed up the design process. The results were showcased using a mix of live demonstrations, videos, and slides.

It exemplified the thigh collaboration between partners during the project. The audience participated actively with challenging questions, indicating that the technologies developed addressed real problems and that they could—and are already being—applied in real development projects. The event concluded with a social and networking event.

The following day, a private review with ITEA was held. The review covered the demonstrators from the public event and expanded with project KPIs, dissemination, and exploitation of the project. The reviewers provided positive feedback, pending the formal evaluation of the project.

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