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Connecting Ideas and Industry: DEFAINE presents at Wingquist Lab Day

This year, the Wingquist Laboratory's 22nd Annual Seminar on Digital Product Realization brought some exciting developments, including progress in the DEFAINE European project. Held at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg on the 19th April 2023, the event was a meeting point for both academics and Swedish industry. The seminar had some great moments, including talks from four research groups at the lab. They shared their latest work on both academical and industry-academical advances.

DEFAINE presented the preliminary work and advancements on connecting Enhanced Function-Means tree to KBE applications. The objective is to expand the design exploration space by considering different architectures, while being able to assess them both from an architectural and physical perspectives.

EF-M modelling tree can generate design variants. Through a traditional design of experiment, the KBE application can locally explore those variants.

The early results provided a glimpse into how these two different domains could be connected.

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