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DEFAINE Exploitation – Club Design used for Healthcare Systems Design!

The software Club Design is currently being used to assess new alternatives for the re-organization of Radiology services at the Parma Hospital in Italy.   


"For us it was very interesting to use club design because it gave us the opportunity to apply and study in a more detailed and digitalized way what we discovered in five months of work, in a very complex field such as healthcare." Say Anna Manzi and Sara Perna, students at University of Bologna and working on a Master Thesis in Radiology Services at the Parma Hospital.  


The problem that the Parma Hospital is facing is that the new implemented Radiology service needs to be “resilient” to external changes that may profoundly impact the Hospital itself (for example, and increase in population in the region, the introduction of AI services to assist doctors).   


Therefore, Anna and Sara are using Club Design to capture these external events as “Value Creation Strategies”, and to define how such events will change the priorities given to certain requirements for the Radiology Service.


Screenshot of Club Design showing one “value creation strategy” for new radiology services.   

 The next step is to assess how 20 different alternatives will impact the Value Creation Strategies, using the Surplus Value model functionality built in Club Design.


The objective will be to find the alternative that is the most “resilient” to all value creation strategies (i.e. the one that maintains relatively high value in all the changing conditions). 


The results point at the flexibility of Club Design to different contexts than the aerospace scenarios applied in DEFAINE. 

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