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Dissemination At the EPIC (Electric Propulsion Innovation & Competitiveness) Workshop 2023

Representatives from Chalmers University of Technology travelled to Naples, Italy on May 9-12 2023 to present at the EPIC (Electric Propulsion Innovation & Competitiveness) Workshop 2023


The presentation focused the application a web-based tool developed within DEFAINE (Club Design) and the CHEOPS project to conduct cost-benefit analysis of design and business alternatives within the electric propulsion business. The use of the tool is demonstrated in a case study related to hall effect thrusters for geostationary communication and LEO mega- constellations.


The results point at the flexibility of the tool to run extensive and automated digital experiments for both mission/ business and design, fostering collaborative decision making between business and engineering.


Poster Presentation of Club Design at the EPIC Workshop at 2023. 


The presentation focused on how the analyses made in Club Design allows to confirm or disconfirm the initial rank-weight set in the value creation strategy (e.g. in the trade-off among thrust and Isp)


For example, it can show that one Electric Propulsion System Option is the one that allows to generate higher revenues, due to its high thrust (earlier enter in orbit) and relatively low mass). However, the pay back is longer due to its higher complexity (a more innovative and risky concept). 


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