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TU Delft hosts international workshop on dynamic workflows formulation, visualization and execution

TU Delft – DLR – ONERA – GKN Fokker – NASA

On January 22nd, the TU Delft, in collaboration with the DLR Institute of System Architectures in Aeronautics, organized a workshop on dynamic MDAO workflows to enable architectural design space exploration and optimization. Dynamic workflows are workflows that enable design variables, disciplinary tools and constraints to change during the same optimization process, depending on the current design vector, hence to the value assumed to the so called decision design variables.

The workshop provided a platform to present, exchange and discuss the latest research on dynamic MDAO workflows, independently carried by the two parties. The workshop included 20 representatives from various institutions: next to participants from TU Delft and GKN Aerospace (including researchers not involved in DEFAINE), also representatives from ONERA and NASA attended, showing great interest in the proposed methodologies and offering valuable feedback. 

The workshop focused around three questions:

  • Dynamic workflows: what are they and why/when do we need them?

  • How can we formulate and formalize/visualize them?

  • How can we implement them?

Extended versions of the de-facto standard XDSM were proposed to visualize dynamic workflows. TU Delft also discussed the extension to the CMDOWS data file to store and exchange MDAO system formulations, as well as the operation of the new plug-in developed within DEFAINE to automatically convert MDAO system formulation, including dynamic features, into executable workflows using the Noesis’ PIDO platforms OPTIMUS. The workshop sparked interesting discussion and provided valuable feedback for future research.

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